We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.
Jerry Hansen Director
We can film your project whether it is a commercial advertise, a short film or a document film. We have expertise in these fields.
Some workshops have invited us to come lecturing. We also offer private tuitions for absolute beginners or mid-level producers who need more advice.
Equipment hire
Sometimes we don’t use our equipment so you can hire them for your filming. Check our schedule and contact if it suits your time.

A selection of some recent awards

Since 2008, we have shot more than 50 short formats (commercials, music videos, documentaries and short movies). In 2014/2015 we’ve received 06 national and international awards while the number in the year 2016 is 04 awards.
06 Awards in 2014/2015.
These awards are both national and international
in 2014/2015
04 Awards in 2016
These awards are both national and international
in 2016

Featured Films

FoxP2 FoxP2 was at Design Indaba Indaba in 2012. Here Justin Gomes (executive creative director) and Charl Thom (group MD) speak about designing without the fear of failure. “You can’t design something new without risking failure,” says Carl Thom. The duo used the Star Wars films to highlight the principles that contributed to their success....
30201 Views8,936 Comments
Anthem Project | Cape Philharmonic Orchestra The Anthem project is a News24 initiative that aims to bring South Africans together through the national anthem. ZTD production was part of the team that filmed  The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra performing  the national anthem.
152385 Views31,732 Comments
WATCH: Community in George is a ghost town following a fire that claimed 8 lives The farming community of Farleigh in the Southern Cape is a ghost town following a fire that claimed eight lives. ZTD production produced the video for News24. When our team arrived only the carcasses of burnt cars and rubble remained...
70221 Views35,618 Comments
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We are a team of different artistic and skilled film producers who have the same aim of producing the best films to the beloved audience.
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